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tv   Headline News  RT  August 17, 2013 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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amid gunfire and clashes an assault by security forces ends the siege of a car a mosque after hundreds of muslim brotherhood supporters had barricaded themselves inside a correspondent who was at the scene of the raid and brings us the latest. russia is far east is threatened by what could be the biggest floods in over a century forcing a move in seventeen thousand to flee their homes amid fears the worst is yet to come. u.s. lawmakers call for reform of the n.s.a. leaked reports from congress was kept in the dark leaving spies to breach privacy rules and act a little on the other side. of
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crossing the line from moscow twenty four hours a day this is r.t. . for an overnight c n n intense gunfights security forces stormed a mosque in central cairo where hundreds of islam is protestors were holed up the house of worship became a focal point for mercy loyalists after it was made into a makeshift hospital and the title to ease off the government crackdown correspondent bill true who's in the egyptian capital witnessed the raid. it's extremely tense and bloody standoff between morsi supporters and security forces and he did so finally after twenty four hours actually happened today i was there by this central cairo mosque a few kilometers away away from where i'm standing and there were about seven hundred to a thousand protesters holed up in a room barricaded in against the security forces that encircled this mosque following protests on friday that turned into clashes when morsy supporters and
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members of their police force basically had a massive clash so what happened today was that these people were stuck in that they haven't had access to water or food for twenty four hours they were injured people in there they needed medical attention the security forces were firing tear gas and i mean into the building and about two pm three pm this afternoon a shooting from one of the minaret started firing on the security forces which then erupted in another bout of clashes it was absolutely chaotic there was takeouts there were gunfire some foreign journalists themselves. very muddled up in the whole fray it was a complete mess basically meanwhile these protesters were stuck in this back room calling their relatives and also media attention they said they needed help especially as the ones who were injured there had been a makeshift morgue at this particular mosque during the day on friday the bodies had been removed at the end just hadn't right now the latest we have the security forces have taken them out of the mosque and arrested them so we have to wait to
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see how that story develops and the prime minister also released a statement said today saying that the muslim brotherhood should perhaps be dissolved and he also mentioned that there have been a number of churches burned by is this is a misquote is of mohamed morsi as well as police stations attacked meanwhile in the brotherhood side we've had a fatality of that supreme mahomedan by the who is that kind of theological leader his son was killed so we're going to see a lot of anger from the mr brotherhood side as well we've got a very divided egypt today with two science refusing to back down a lot of violence with a rising death toll this story isn't going to end anytime soon. the continuing cycle of violence in egypt has led to growing fears about the possibility of civil war in the country both the muslim brotherhood and the army are blaming each other for the bloodshed and in my colleague marina joshing talk to supporters from opposite ends of egypt's political spectrum. we had protesters that were in a sit in and that was accused of criminal acts and accused of harboring
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a fugitive and whoring militants and using kids and children as human shields and there's no political justification that can be put to put that there is a political demand that you put children as human shields and you use militants and you put children beside militants as human shields but there's just hash word why he was sorry for interrupting you but those protests were they were not as well they were sitting in there and just protesting against what they saw i apologize i apologize they were not they were not peaceful they were not peaceful at all we also have the suitable for task seemingly surrendering was there with his hands up and what happens next is it's being shot at an investigation should be carried but you cannot there is no political cover there is no political reasoning to have a militant march in the streets of cairo whenever you see police or army marching through the streets of cairo you will not see you not see people terrified you're not seeking scared away but if you see
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a militant group like the muslim brotherhood marching through you know you'll find a lot of people screaming away and running away because we know that the these are our men these are militants they are shooting at anybody that this agree with the political redirected there is no political cover for such acts there is no political cover to burn down churches when you have been attacked by the police if you are protesting in the police if you are testing before we have you know when we are you should actually and then it's action means that you are not going down and burn down churches it's not you know it's a territorial people it's actually not a little bit unfair i'll just side there are no two sides they're only the egyptian nation egyptian people that has said there was no two conflict of sides watching all these people there then the thousands or hundreds of thousands of people on the street we can't see anyone with any with these women children families from all horse. egypt it's not a fight. it's an attack of the system against innocent
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peaceful demonstrations this is not a violence in the street these are not clashes these are people committing massacres against innocent people after all these thousands of killings and massacres we have seen. members of the military force unfortunately killing with with with the sort of gun that's only used in the battlefield against warriors against children and women and i'm sure many people have seen the images of those who have been killed with these sorts of illegal weapons i think at that stage the military coup has failed and it's gunfire beyond any sort of frequency radiation. or go to r.t. dot com from egypt timeline and much more of what's happening in the country they'll find first hand accounts of the dramatic events past videos and images of
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the unrest. of unease now around one hundred thousand people are faced with abandoning their homes ahead of what could be the worst flooding to hit russia's far east in a century seventeen thousand have already been evacuated safely after waters caused by heavy downpours in july devastated huge swathes of land comes amid reports of the local population are taking boat patrols against looters stealing from vacant houses the situation is likely to worsen as waters are expected to reach their peak next week three large regions with hundreds of thousands of hectares of farmland have already been swamped our preliminary estimates say up to sixty million dollars worth of damage has been caused and salties paul scott reports the authorities fear
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that a nearby dam become overwhelmed by the flood waters. the flood stretch from east to west the distance of two thousand kilometers and from north to south a distance of five hundred kilometers now there was a real concern that the situation could get worse with more rain on two supply did over the next twenty four forty eight hours or so the flood levels are expected to peak in the middle of next week and in particular there are two focal points where our people are seriously concerned at least the hydroelectric power stations where water levels at the moment a critical level now there's a real fear that the imo river which you can see behind me could bust its banks once more and could power even clothes in a tent to try and counter that's authorities are allowing water to flow through the dams such an increased rate of twenty percent to try to relieve some of the pressure on the lower the flood waters there around three thousand military personnel in the region as well there are hospitals and kitchens as well providing simple food such as bread to help those people who have been displaced was doing
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it's great to limit the damage being caused but the real concern is with full flood . waters expected in the coming days the flood levels could rise the situation could be about to get worse. team is that the scene and we'll continue to bring you the very latest as we get it. and then later in the program we know just addition to germany's the political scene what the six month old alternative for germany party has in store i say the times to challenge the major parties in the upcoming general election. plus the implications over a thousand bottles of h two o. that are consumed every minute in the u.s. we tap into some industry facts which might see this one of this off the break.
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the kids the consensus get to. choose the opinions that invigorating to. choose the stories that impacts your life choose be access to. technology innovation all the list of melanin spun around russia we've got the future covered. welcome back now u.s. lawmakers are calling for reform and more transparency at the national security agency soft it was revealed that congress which is supposed to provide oversight
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was in many cases kept in the dark about n.s.a. activities and leaked internal audit also revealed thousands of incidents of unauthorized civilians by the agency p.d. is the n.s.a. has apparently been violating both its own rules as well as court orders the issue has become all the more pressing in the light of president obama's insistence earlier this month that civilian speculations were not being abused. but you're not reading about is the government actually abusing these programs and. listening in on people's phone calls or inappropriately reading people's e-mails what your hearing about is the prospect that these could be abused now part of the reason they're not abuse is because there are these checks are in place and those abuses would be against the law. checks are not working the way they're supposed to according to
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a missed about of it on the privacy information center she says the n.s.a. is activities that accountability. the basic answer is there is no effective oversight to face a court there's a one party system they only hear one side of the argument congress is not effective oversight they aren't briefed on what's going on if they were they said that they could have had access to this report that they didn't know existed if they went to a specific secure room and didn't bring any staff and didn't bring in the attorneys and didn't bring anything to take notes on and then they could look at the document that they didn't know was there this this is no way oversight courts are supposed to be a two party process is supposed to be adversarial and you have one person going in and presenting an argument there's nobody on the other side now having somebody on the other side isn't going to fix that and less there's an extra piece put into place to make it a meaningful adversary you have public reporting you have some sort of accountability so that person isn't just another green light to let these programs
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move forward and they can continue to throw up the oversight flag. a lot on the on air but also online we have plenty more stories for you at r.t. dot com including apocalypse possibly soon previously thought operation is underway at the fukushima nuclear plant which could lead to catastrophic consequences if it goes wrong and out what can happen if nuclear engineers to careful plus. when the baby is born the parents the biggest challenge often concerns of choice of a name for the parents in germany and most difficult task which gender of child they want the details of r.t. dot com.
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one of germany's biggest political forces the social democratic party is celebrating its one hundred fiftieth anniversary in berlin this weekend but the main challenges to the ruling christian democrats next month's general election voters have recently been presented with fresh options one of the newest being the alternative for germany party and also held a rally this saturday well the latest addition to the country's political scene is offering what for many it was like a fresh approach while the leading parties appear to be singing from the same hymn sheet chancellor merkel's ruling party wants stronger ties with the e.u. states and their procure paean stances said the rival social democrats but alternative for germany sees things differently suggesting that southern states should just leave the eurozone on the economy the main rival parties largely agree
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with both merkel and the social democrats saying it's too early to end austerity. and it is for germany they were thinks the cuts should end now while the co-founder of the european students would see movement says german voters have been disappointed by the coalition for some time that. the current parties in own parliament and especially those in government do not meet the voters' demand of solving the your criers aspire more decentralized monetary policy in europe the coalition when they started at coalition about four years ago they were talking about reducing the size of government and cutting taxes more economic freedoms and if you look at the public spending of still there are between forty five and fifty percent so not much has changed and the leftist opposition in parliament is actually threatening the voters with even more government more regulation higher taxes and more adept and that's not what people want but i still ahead this hour on
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r.t. the dangers posed by bottled water the environment statement. most of these voices being told to last for violence or thirst. we drove the window climbed in and enjoy it started. we pushed it a little way here we were drunk. and soon you're an alcoholic nearly all of them are homeless orphans with no money. where you are going to go to live without me. for a moment but there it felt like i was back with those street hooligans who could have beat me up at any moment. i turned my back i couldn't help wondering where my safety. isn't a warden is there the father you could say that slava raises as he makes normal people out of a glee ducklings. previously
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when the western companies were operating there you know none of those profits ever went into the social sector of the populations have never had a share in that country's natural trade with china investment from china i do believe it must play a positive draw maybe essential role in today's price of offering chinese have benefit from but this is a fair trade. for the world news in brief for you now the south over the twenty people have been killed in a string of brutal assaults enough gonna stop ten workers were shot dead as taliban
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militants onto the salt rifles attacked road construction crew it was followed by a roadside blast in a suicide bombing at a private clinic claimed another in the. audience is increasing across afghanistan with insurgents coming to regain territory head of nato put out in the twenty fourteen. members of the little known scottish defense league marched through adam britt demonstrate against what they call is a musician of the u.k. over anti fascist and left wing group stage a rival that it almost three times as many participants on hundreds of police were deployed to keep two apart all people were arrested. firkins bad conditions forced rescuers to suspend the search for almost two hundred people still missing from a ferry which sank on friday at least thirty one people died when the vessel carrying more than eight hundred people collided with a cargo ship and troops die in ferry accidents in the philippines every year due to
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overcrowding and the condition of ships. british police are examining newly received information of the death of princess diana and dodi al fayed in a car crash in ninety seven scotland yard refused to provide details about the information but stressed that it was not reopening the investigation two thousand and eight a british jury ruled the couple were on board for the killed partly due to the negligence of their driver partly by the breathless pursuit of profit that's a chase in the. under the chinese bank thirty staff members to eighteen hours to count eight bags full of coins the money which is equal to fifteen hundred dollars was part of a contribution paid by shopper who is fighting for a fight with his customers. the find unfair so decide to pay part of it in points as a protest. drinks go bottled water take some
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beating is being seen as a purest of the pure summing up images of mountain glaciers fresh springs there is more to the multi-billion dollar industry than meets the eye especially where the environment is concerned and to see a chicken or expects. going a day without water is hard to imagine. but so was paying a lot more money for the same think that comes out of a tacit. americans are the number one consumers of bottled water in the world but why are people paying so much more than they have to cook the bottled water industry simply be tricking us pottle to our is a huge scam you know when you buy bottled water you're paying hundreds if not thousands of times the cost that you would be paying to simply access have already flown is almost half of bottled water is in fact just tap water. tap water that's just filtered by corporations instead of the consumer to home ads with the alluring
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glaciers on bottles and gorgeous celebrities make bottled water seem so much better people are like children you know you show and also the they probably design it so people like to hold the shore like they're beautiful people or rivers coming down long term so you it's all about health so yeah it is a weird total fools but you think experts say it's a common misconception that bottled water is more pure in cif than tap pure marketing companies are making billions of dollars in selling this product that's more expensive than gasoline at this point to people and so they definitely benefit from people thinking that tap water is safe it's a wonder. why because they simply can get away with it. the think outside the bottle campaign is one of an increasing number of groups
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challenging the corporations for the past three decades the bottled water industry namely coke pepsi and nestle have attempted to convince us that the only place to get clean and safe water is out of a bottle we all know is not the profit water industry is really aggressively pushing. put public water that every human right into private hands work in countries where pollution is high people have no choice but for americans there certainly is expert see consumers just need to be more informed tap water is actually more regulated by the environmental protection agency than bottled water is by the three drug administration well recycling is supposed to make consumers feel better in reality plastic accumulation is at a peak seventy five percent of bottles and up in our landfills oceans rivers lakes you now see them. littering the landscape and they get only twenty five percent of them and up recycled and i think most people think that that rate is much higher in
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times when energy and water resources are growing scarce the pacific and found that the equivalent of thirty two and fifty four million million barrels of oil are used in a year by the bottled water industry and this is the equivalent it would fuel between one and two million cars a year this will keep up unless perceptions change and we have a population growing so we're going to buy more and more bottle of water and more and more brand coming in every day pure pure of the water with bottled water low it's like water with water with activists it's time to break the myth and for consumers to change habits before water is a human right is lost who is it that we want to be providing our water is. that our. water profit or is it in fact that we want our own democratically governed. to be the ones that are providing us water if we take into account the huge price markups for
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a product that's available in most polls as well as the health environmental regulation concerns it might be a good time to stop and think does one really need this considering life on earth existed without plastic bottles just a few decades ago or is the trend just too resistible to stop the flow and. new york. well after the break the final part of our documentary exploring the plight of half a million people living in the shadow of a toxic dump in bangladesh stay with us for that. the u.s. government project arrow marty has been in place for twenty years this project was designed to break the media monopoly of cuban television by putting u.s. government propaganda up to t.v. screens this injection of american t.v.
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works with a blimp and a c one thirty military plane working in tandem you know this would actually be a major achievement in the history of technology if it actually worked this program which over the years has built up a billion taxpayer dollars simply does not work but continues to exist despite the cuban government completely blocking the transmission the official logic of continuing the program is that it would send a bad message to the cuban government if they stopped brilliance and action but the big question is who gives the u.s. government the right to propagandize cuba it just because they have a different lifestyle doesn't mean it is wrong and the u.s. government does has the right to destroy it and even if cubans on mass actually do hate their system then it is their job to change cuba not the military industrial complex and its cronies in washington but that's just my opinion. has very bags classified as one of the world's most polluted sites it's time there
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is an ecological disaster playing to waste everything around them every day the factories belch full fifteen thousand cubic meters of toxic refuse leaving it to pile up into housing and along the river bank. the demand soon the waste floods into two ellington's penetrating the soil and filtering down to contaminate the water tables. the gang the river flows through the slum is paying the highest price . tanneries use vast amounts of water millions of liters of water required to wash treat and tender skins. this water goes into the so as. it's no longer useful you know that it is
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discarded. it ends up polluting the river. haven't you noticed the state of the burgan the rivers water this is the water that flows into it. all this water laden with chemical products is dumps directly into the river with no purification. thing i think this event is there life saying no this is the only you want the body that really struck us and people love back i depended on this rebirth for a number of theories this we just saw some of which are believed by defy the affair by their way of being. we wash ourselves here because we have no other choice we have no right.


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